THE WOUND (90') by Tillo Spreng (written by Tillo Spreng & Stefan Staub) 1st feature, mystery/dark fantasy, where: countryside/woods
  • While working in the woods a young city boy develops a special wound that fascinates a local farm girl and causes them to become one – a fantastic lovestory.
  • Script Lab/Workshop: Structural Constellations 2018/2019
UTOPYA (90') by Ivan Engler – 2nd feature, young adult thriller/horror, where: abandoned vault
  • When a group of activists occupy the abandoned building of a former bank, they are confronted with an unknown entity that spawns the horrors of a failed system.
  • Director of Swiss Sci-Fi hit CARGO (2009) with cutting edge VFX that still hold up today
NEBULA (90') by Valerie Anex – 1st feature, dance drama, where: German city & Northern Lights
  • When being picked at a big dance audition, a young dancer realises she is pregnant.
  • Script Lab/Workshop: Atelier Grand Nord 2018
THE LAST FIELD (90') by Flurin Giger – 1st feature, historic poverty drama, where: open fields
  • In times of hunger two poor peasants try to survive starvation in Switzerland.
  • Script Lab/Workshop: Cannes Next Step 2018
MODEM (90') by Jonathan Jäggi – 2nd feature, tragicomedy, where: block of flats, mostly inside
  • A witty woman in her mid 30s decides she wants to cease to exist, but can’t manage to quit her mobile network subscription before leaving her life behind.
ALPHA (80') by Garrick J Lauterbach – artistic documentary, Mexico CDMX
  • A visual approach to the social aftermath of the earthquakes of 2017/2018 in Mexico.
IDENTITY (20') by Tillo Spreng & Etienne Kompis – artistic documentary, Switzerland
  • Experimental portraits of young transgender people.